How it works does only one thing, but it tries to do it well. It allows you to store your confidential data (e.g. passwords, online banking credentials, etc.) online in a secure manner, but without the need to register, or to download an application.

This allows you to have your data with you at all times and wherever you are, without any setup steps - as long as you have internet access, you will be able to securely access your data.

You own your data

The important thing is that your data is yours, and yours only. The information transmitted to the servers is already encrypted - none of your confidential data is known to us, not your passphrase, not your content, not even your mail adress.

This works because the servers are just a "dumb" data store - encryption happens on the client, in your web browser. For this, uses AES encryption and PBKDF2 hashing, two very secure crypto algorithms.

You start by entering your mail adress and a passphrase. Both are hashed and sent to the server - this way, is able to authenticate you, without the need to know what your mail adress and passphrase actually are. Only the hashes are received by the server.

The cleartext passphrase is then used to encrypt your confidential data on the client - thus, only encrypted data is transferred.

We don't know any of you confidential data

Thus, the server knows your hashed mail adress, your hashed passphrase, and your encrypted data. This way, we are completely unable to decrypt your data, because to do so, the unhashed passphrase is needed, which is never sent over the wire.

When you access your data, again only the hashes are sent to the servers, and are used to find your encrypted data - which is then sent to your browser where it is decrypted locally by using your cleartext passphrase.

Account recovery is safe and simple

Because no registration is needed, it's possible for someone else to use your mail adress for storing data. However, this is not dangerous, because none of this data is ever transmitted or stored in the clear. However, it would stop you from using your own mail adress, because it's already taken - but there is a simple and secure solution.

All you need to do is to use the account recovery function - you provide your mail adress - which in this single case actually needs to be sent to our servers in the clear. We then generate a one-time token for the account that was created using your address, and sent this token to your mail adress.

Because you are the actual, valid owner of this mail adress, only you are able to receive the token. You can then use it to completely delete the account and data stored for your mail address. You are then able to create a new account with your mail address.

We are currently working on a fully automated recovery function. During the beta, please just send an eMail to, and we will take care of everything.

So, how secure is it, really?

What could possibly go wrong? Here is a list:

Here is a list of stuff we do to make secure: